‘End to End’ Scaffold Ops Management, ONE Cloud Platform…

Cyclone Readiness Reporting
Inspection and Hand Over Management
Full Inventory Management from Main Depot to Job Level
‘One Click’ Workpack
‘Locked In’ Jobs Capability
Job Pipeline Management

Multiple Live Dashboards and Reporting including:

* Modular Vs Tube & Fit
* Site Analytics
* Item Utilistation
* Weekly Progess
* Long Term Structures Management
* Approved for Dismantle Reporting
* Site Structure Analysis

We are a 100% Australian Owned, Completely INDEPENDENT Company, built on 30 years Scaffold Industry experience.

Scafpac has been designed specifically for Asset Maintenance in the Oil & Gas and Resource & Industrial Sectors.

Scafpac: Cost Reduction, Continuous Improvement and ‘End to End’ Efficiency, in a Paperless Environment.

We know all your ‘pinch points’, bottlenecks and barriers to a more efficient site process.

Bring ALL your sites together on one Cloud Platform.

If you are interested in 15% Cost Reduction across your Assets reach out and contact us today.

‘End to End’ Scaffold Ops Management Made Easy!

Scafpac: ‘End to End’ Scaffold Ops Management Made Easy!

Manage all of your Scaffold Ops, across all of your sites, on one simple to use platform.

Scafpac: Simple. Better.

Scaffold Ops Management in the Palm of Your Hand!

THE Scaffold Ops Management System for Asset Maintenance in the Oil & Gas, Mining, and Resource and Industrial Sectors.
Paperless Inspections and Hand Overs automatically updating Concise Dashboards to be viewed anywhere.
Inspect in the field, view instantly in Head Office!
Give your Clients peace of mind, Mitigate Risk and ensure 100% Site Inspection Compliance.