We have just completed uploading over 350 scaffold job ‘Work Packs’ to Scafpac for a valued mining client. They had built up a detailed historical data set of oft repeated scaffold jobs but were finding it difficult to manage and fully utilise this valuable information as it was spread across different mediums.

We understand that our clients may have limited resources available to transform this historical information into a centralised actionable data set, so we now offer this service to our clients.

If you would like more information on this service please get in touch:


How to get 25% for Scaffold Ops in Long Term Asset Maintenance…..

Implement a Simple to use ‘End to End’ process.
Get Full Buy In from ALL Stakeholders.
(Needs to be driven from the top down).

Capture Key Metrics and Data.

Digitise ➡ Standardise ➡ Analyse.
Monitor ➡ Encourage ➡ Audit ➡ Feedback Loop ↩.
Optimise ➡ ‘Lock-in’ or Challenge & Improve ↩.

Be Open & Fully Transparent.
One Team, One Cloud Platform, One Data Set.

Scafpac: Simple. Better!